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Macaron is an almond-based ganache-filled meringue crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle.

We bring an authentic 'haute patisserie française' to classic flavours from the Australian palate.

They come in attractive soft colours, delivering a tempting aromas and myriad of delicious character.
Our macarons are made everyday in our factory at Rocklea.

Come and taste some of little piece of art which melt in the mouth!


Monsieur Macaron Flavour:

- Bubble Gum Rainbow (Light Blue color)
- Dark Chocolate Ganache (Brown color)

- Pistachio Butter Cream (Pale green color)

- Vanilla Cherry (Red Fuschia color)

- Caramel Salted Butter (White color brown brushed)

- Raspberry Jam (Pink color)

- Nutella Hazelnut (white color Nutella strips)

- Blood Orange & Campari (Orange colour red sprinkles)

- Chocolate & Peanut Butter (light brown gold brushed)

- Coffee Caramel (Dark brown and black line)

- Green Tea Ginger (Pale Green)

- Taro Water Chestnut (Purple)

- Lavender Passionfruit (Orange and Purple color)

- Rose Petal (Pale pink with rose petal)

- Pina Colada (Pale Yellow)



Monsieur Macaron loves your feedback and suggestions

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