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Australian Ingredients:



Almond meal (Adelaide), Icing Sugar Gluten Free + Caster Sugar (Bundaberg) , White Eggs, Water, Food coloring.


Cream, Butter (NZ)(Salted and Unsalted), Chocolate (Callebaut: White and Dark Chocolate + Cocoa powder), Coconut shred, Pistachio (Crashed Pistachio nuts), Hazelnut (roasted nuts), Coffee (beans), Nutella, Peanut Butter, Whole Fruit (Raspberry and Blueberry with Gelatin and Pectin, Vanilla (Bean + extract), Rose Jam, Rose Petal, Natural Compound and Puree (Lavender, Banana, Pistachio, PassionFruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple), Syrup (Grenadine).